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The Company and the Product

INDUSTRIA LOMBARDA MATERIALE ELETTRICO SpA has been operating in Milan since 1945, in particular in the electrotechnical sector for the manufacturing of equipment for industrial installations.
ILME reflects the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of Lombardy, and has enjoyed continuous expansion for over half a century. The company has carved an important role for itself in the main world markets, also operating directly in the countries that have assumed world leadership in the field of automation, including Germany and Japan.
In the electrical connection sector with applications in industrial automation, characterised by high performance and utmost reliability needs, ILME is today the acknowledged partner of many leading companies worldwide.
To promote the continuing improvement of its qualitative results, ILME has always encouraged its collaborators to work with utmost responsibility and participation.
The company focuses on a series of benefits to the user, including research into the most suitable materials, high quality and safe cabling, a rapid turnaround and readily available services.



Our fundamental values are: product innovation, original solutions, excellent price-quality ratio, customer-oriented sense of service, ethical behaviour and an environmentally friendly approach.

The innovation timeline

  • 1945

    company establishment

  • 1962

    from cast iron to die cast aluminum

  • 1975

    IB – interlocked socket outlets

  • 1982

    Z – compact switches

  • 1986

    BK – flat interlocked socket outlet

  • 1990

    CLASS – levers for a perfect fit

  • 2001

    MIXO – modular connections

  • 2002

    TM – heavy duty socket outlets

  • 2005

    V-TYPE – the innovative lever system

  • 2006

    JEI® – a “standard” alternative

  • 2007

    CQ 12 – motor control

  • 2008

    T-TYPE – adequate materials

  • 2009

    SQUICH® – connection without tools

  • 2012

    CDS – high density contacts

  • 2012

    IB6 – a modern twist on tradition

  • 2014

    IL-BRID – materials working together

  • 2015

    SIMPLEX enclosures – self-closing covers

  • 2016

    CDSH – high density SQUICH® connection

  • 2017

    E-Xtreme® – corrosion-proof metal enclosures


Via M.A. Colonna, 9

+39 0234560522

ILME Worldwide




For information about our distributors in Your area please contact us at the following e-mail address, mentioning series or products of interest exportdept@ilme.com