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V-TYPE lever: vertical closing, extra tough

ILME V-TYPE is an extra tough vertical closing stainless steel lever that grants watertight seal, strong coupling and resistance to vibrations, making it a perfect solution for mutiple applications.



255.75 MB

MIXO modular system: build your connector!

Build your custom connector with ILME MIXO modular series.
Choose among power, signal, data transmission, fibre optic and pneumatic inserts.
The easy and quick locking system and the additional components allow a fast mounting and make it an easy-to-handle solution for the main application fields.



235.09 MB

SQUICH® - the connector for everyone

Multipole connectors with actuator buttons which allow a quick wiring without tools. Suitable for any wire and vibration resistant.



270.38 MB

MIXO ONE enclosures for single module inserts

MIXO ONE aluminium housings system for single module MIXO inserts.



306.08 MB

ILME Smart Configurator



71.19 MB

E-Xtreme® corrosion-proof metal enclosures

Metal hoods and housings designed for extremely demanding environments.Titanium plasma protected. 3000 hours in salt spray tests.



16.73 MB

CLASS enclosures series



19.23 MB

EMC series for electromagnetic compatibility



19.35 MB

IP68 water tight enclosures

The series of fixed and portable enclosures combines water tightness to IP68 rating and high mechanical sturdiness compliant with EMC standards.



17.49 MB

180ºC enclosure version

Specifically developed for industrial applications where the ambient temperatures are particularly harsh (from -40°C to +180°C).



19.97 MB

T-TYPE series for modular and standard inserts

Enclosures in self-extinguishing thermoplastic material with high thicknesses providing structural solidity and durability.



18.63 MB

W series for aggressive environments

The series is specially designed for industrial applications with particularly aggressive external agents (e.g. salty environments, etc.).



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COB panel supports for multipole connectors

The COB system makes it possible to use multipole connectors within electric panels without the traditional metallic enclosures, as protection is assured by the electric panel itself or other containers.



19.59 MB

BIG enclosures series

The large dimensions of these enclosures have been chosen to offer customers an adequate space to store conductors.