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AXYR® technology

More automation means more wires.

At the same time, industry needs connection solutions to be worked in less time in the smallest spaces.

At ILME, we continuously focus on R&D to make wiring easier, faster and safer while reducing costs associated with assembly and maintenance processes.

Our answer to allow a fast and straight wiring is called  AXYR® – Wiring in axis.

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D-SUB series for data-signal connection

When it comes to the transfer of signals and data, D-Subminiature connection interface stands out for being a compact and easy-to-use solution.

Suitable for industrial environments such as transportation and automation, D-SUB connectors are universally widespread in many devices.

D-SUB series has entered ILME products portfolio, coming with DPTCF/M crimp inserts in five different sizes for 9 to 50 poles technology and robust zinc die-cast enclosures.

In addition to the distinctive D-shape trapezoidal design, key features include:

  • connectors compatible with turned or stamped gold contacts
  • IP20 hoods in two halves for easy assembly
  • housings with top, side or combined top/side cable entry orientation

D-SUB enclosures provide EMI/RFI shielding when assembled with suitable torsion-proof, strain relief cable clamp and hexagonal crimp flange, ensuring optimal performance for applications demanding high resistance to mechanic stress and vibration.

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AXYR® – Wiring in axis

The wait is over!

We have left many clues to introduce you to our new connection technology:

AXYR® connection offers an extremely compact spring push-in termination, which equals the crimp connectors in high density, yet granting an optimal electrical performance.

An easy tool-less connection resistant to mechanical stress and vibrations, suitable for any installation requirement.
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