HNM 10 000-plus range widening


ILME HNM – High Number of Matings range keeps widening.

The offer covers several fronts.

The new RKAX size “21.21” metal housings (bulkhead and surface mounted) and hoods with CLASS single locking lever break into the market for rectangular connectors, coming together with a wide range of connector inserts for 5 A, 10 A, 16 A and 40 A, and the re-designed RQF/M 05, with integrated HNM screw-type PE terminal.

The new combined connectors RXC 4/2 and RXC 4/8 which, thanks to the HNM treatment, extend from 500 to 10 000 mating cycles ensuring optimal performance.
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New metal concept


Smaller, faster, safer, and easier to connect.

These are the keywords summing up the continuous trends in connectors and connectivity.

Components for the automation industry are required to remain compact and small, but along with the size, the connectors have to be resistant to vibrations and maintain their seal to withstand rugged environments.

To meet these needs, ILME has developed the new CQA / MQA 08 enclosures which stand out for features and functionality guaranteed over time:

  • compact overall dimension size “32.13”
  • hoods in one piece for handling any wiring combination
  • fully metallic
  • with a robust stainless steel lever
  • EMC-ready if equipped with suitable M25 EMC cable gland

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SPS Italia and Hannover Messe 2022


Back again to exhibitions in presence!

We look forward to meeting you to present all the latest novelties of our connectors portfolio.

SPS Italia from May 24-26 in Parma:


Use code F00152022 to get free ticket, parking (subject to availability) and one coffee at the fair.

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Hannover Messe from May 30 to June 2:

ILME planimetria hannover

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CX 01 YA: power for storage


When it comes to serve the growing energy transition market, which requires high power features combined with compactness, the integration of power systems and relevant cable assemblies has to be safe, cost-effective and space-saving.

ILME presents its own solution, the CX 01 YAF/M high-power MIXO module, designed to minimize its space installation requirements while guaranteeing a 200 A rating performance.


The smart asset of this new module is the special insulating cover plate:

  • allowing the connection of DIN 46235 pre-insulated crimp cable lugs
  • while avoiding accidental contact between cable lugs of adjacent modules

The result is a compact 90° connection type, which means no bending of large diameter wires (up to 70 mm2), and the same voltage rating (1000 V) of the standard 200 A crimp module.

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SQUICH® connectors for 10.000 mating cycles


Machine interfaces and system components that are connected and disconnected several times a day require high-performance connectors as frequent mating cycles are the norm.

 For such conditions ILME offers the RSH and RDSH inserts, designed to maximize ease of use and minimize maintenance downtime.

These inserts combine the special gold plating and lubrication features typical of the HNM (High Number of Matings) series with all benefits of the ILME proprietary SQUICH® technology: tool-less connection, fast and reliable wiring, high resistance to vibrations.

Key characteristics:

  • Special contacts with galvanic high-performance gold plating for 10 000 mating cycles
  • RSH inserts with 6 / 10 / 16 / 24 poles and ratings 16A / 500V / 6kV / 3
  • RDSH inserts with the highest contact density 9 / 18 / 27 / 42 poles and ratings 10A / 400V / 6kV / 3
  • Probing point for multimeter measurements on each contact and additional coding system (RDSH only)

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CX 8/0: high power management


Harsh environment conditions require reliable solutions.

For such needs ILME offers the CX 8/0, a robust power connector providing excellent performance in a smart design.

The safe crimp termination makes CX 8/0 highly resistant.

Compared to other solutions on the market, available in axial screw technology, this connector guarantees:

  • higher resistance to mechanical stresses such as vibration, shock and strain on wire strands
  • gas tightness providing outstanding corrosion resistance
  • faster connection time and more consistent results

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A continuous quest


Excellence doesn’t just happen.
At ILME, we strive each day to create products that anticipate customer requests and meet their requirements, from durability to safety and design.
We carefully study easy and safe connections to assure functionality also with an eye to innovation and design, making for a wide range of products that are constantly evolving.
Each of our products is a page of the story behind our passion, true to one of our main belief:

Deliver Excellence
Never compromise on quality

We work for quality down to the last detail, improving processes, products, workplaces and people.


RJ45 90° compact connection


CJZA 8 IA4 is the latest ILME solution for a quick, compact and reliable RJ45 cabinet connection.

The new coupler is composed of a metal angled bulkhead mounting housing size 21.21, hosting an Ethernet Cat.5 female-female connector, with a transmission speed of 10-100 Mbps.

The vertical and flat mounting allows a secure coupling with the male connector along the surface of the panel, avoiding any accidental torsion and reducing the overall dimensions.
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MIXO pneumatic: at full air!


ILME improves its MIXO modular system by adding new metal contacts for pneumatic connections.

A step up for the winning MIXO series that guarantees better mechanical resistance and increased airflow for transmitting dry, compressed air in pneumatic systems.

The metal pneumatic contacts

  • can now withstand a constant pressure of 10 bar;
  • are available in straight and angled versions for different size plastic tubing: 3, 4, 6 mm, for both inner and outer diameter – ID and OD designation;
  • are fully reusable after the assembly, using the given removal tool: a performance guaranteed up to 10,000 matings with HNM enclosures and MIXO frames.

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New combined CXC inserts: designed for modern industry


ILME introduces the combined CXC series, with power and auxiliary contacts featuring a crimp connection. An exclusive solution by ILME for an improved performance.

Perfect for wind energy applications, automation and installations requiring a power connector, the inserts grant a safe and reliable connection, vibration resistance and a good current-density ratio, optimizing the mounting space.

Choose between the 2 available versions:
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