Seeds for the future


What’s next?

Every today is the fruit of yesterday and a seed for tomorrow.

At ILME we promote sustainability through responsible long-term management culture that encourages innovation and rewards boldness and creativity. The Company’s will is to design a path on which people can walk and generate a future.
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CX7MA..P contacts: safe touch


ILME enriches its crimp contacts series with the new finger-proof CX7MA..P, specifically designed to eliminate potential high-voltage hazards when handling connectors still under load or energized.

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T-TYPE HYGIENIC: detectable solution


Food processing and packaging sectors know no rest, even more in the present situation as retail demand surged and manufacturers have to quickly increase production to keep pace.

In this context, food contamination prevention plays a key role in ensuring safety, quality and in avoiding the possibility of plant downtime.

Safety, detectability and cleaning are the drivers to meet this need and which ILME refers to in the improvement of its T-TYPE HYGIENIC series.

The blue levers of the enclosures range are now metal detectable, made of a special plastic blend with metal additives which allow detection of small particles via metal detectors.
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ILME “Champions” Company


ILME is among the 800 Champions companies of 2021.
The eight hundred “small but large” Italian companies with the best performance between 2013 and 2019.
It is the result of research conducted by the ItalyPost Study Center in collaboration with the Economics unit of “Il Corriere della Sera”, based on the detailed analysis of financial reports and growth data.
The “Champions” companies have driven, and continue to do so today, the Italian economic recovery by investing in product innovation and production processes, in the use of 4.0 technologies, in the training of human resources.
A recognition that ILME welcomes with pride because obtained by always remaining faithful to a clear vision of a Company that places service, in the broadest sense of the term, at the center of its mission.


ILME for young talents


Sowing the seeds of the future.

The challenge is to bring together the desire for the future of young people with the passion for building the future that ILME pursues at 360 °, above all, when it comes to research and training of the youngest resources, of budding talents.

We have been collaborating for years with technical institutions and institutes to create a link between the production sector and the training system, to develop skills, update students on new technologies and seek out the best technical-professional figures to be included in our company.

The most recent example is the meeting organized at the Salesian Institute Lombardia within the course “Expert in technologies for the automation of processes in 4.0 industry”.
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MGK 2AP25: two-in-one compact wiring


Space, time-saving assembly and permanent durable protection in harsh environmental conditions are increasingly important key arguments for connectors.

Points that become especially challenging to the railway sector, offshore applications or other environments, where the wiring of complex components requires a balance between reliability and performance.

To meet these needs, ILME presents the new IP68 MGK 2AP25 terminal box with cover designed to host and simplify the wiring of two “21.21” inserts in a single housing.
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MIXO RJ45: universal modularity


It’s a fact that industry asks more and more for space saving and customized solutions. In this context, data transmission is one of the main drivers which pulls along the industry digitalisation.
ILME’s answer is CX 01 J8UM, the exclusive universal RJ45 patch cord adapter applied to the MIXO modular system.

The possibility to use this new MIXO module with a broad choice of patch cords keeps pace with the versatility typical of the modular connectors. Moreover, the assembly time in the field reduces drastically. You only need to place the patch cord into the adapter and secure it by the insulating latch: click and fix.
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ILME attitude


Every element in our Company is connected.

We are united by a common culture of anticipating needs, creativity, meticulous attention to details.
Behind a product that may seem immediate, hides research, experience and the professionalism of men and women who are constantly at the service of Customers and their needs, focused on creating and enhancing our products today and tomorrow.

Excellence, in ILME, comes from the attitude expressed by all the people who work with us to seal our products as MADE IN ILME.


Hannover Messe digital edition


Hannover Messe goes digital and we are ready to virtually meet you with the known ILME staff.

Visit our ILME exhibition page and take a look at our innovative novelties.
Ask all of your questions about the topic of heavy-duty connectors to our technical consulting engineers.
Discuss about projects and solutions with us.

Just register by following the link (ILME registration code QQtdv) to get free access to the Hannover Messe 2021 Digital Edition.

Starting from early April you can arrange dates for meetings with us.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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More and more MIXO


The range of MIXO modular inserts is getting wider, offering even more alternatives and solutions to any installation requirement. Flexibility and compactness to easily and quickly build your custom connector.
The range is enriched with:

Shielded module


CX 20S I: a high density 20 poles module which protects signals against intereferences. With its 4A, 32V, 0,8kV 3 rating, it is also available in the HNM – High Number of Matings version, with part number RX 20S I, for up to 10.000 mating cycles with the dedicated contacts, enclosures and frames.
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