New MIXO modules – fresh air for pneumatics


The transmission of clean and dry compressed air applied to automation requires specific characteristics and conditions including mechanical resistance and compactness of the components, both basic peculiarities of pneumatics modules that allow maximizing the efficiency and durability of the connection systems.

To further increase the possibilities of modularity, widening the solutions offer, ILME has developed two double-sized MIXO modules CX 02 MPBF/M with relevant larger metal contacts for tube sizes 8.0 and 10 mm (each module can host different tube diameters) added to the already available single modules with 2 or 3 seats for tube sizes from 1,6 to 6 mm.

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10 A stamped performance


When speaking about products and industries, the quest for quality satisfaction is always ongoing and strictly linked to the balance between performance, reliability and price. This is even more common in such environments distinguished by high volumes of activity and automated processes oriented on making the market reachable as quickly as possible.

In terms of optimizing wiring and connections, stamped contacts match cost-efficiency with a quick and easy processing so as to facilitate the increase of production speed.

At ILME, we are now introducing the new 10 A silver-plated SD stamped contacts in crimp termination, available both as loose parts box for maintenance/small work and 5000 reel-pieces package for large quantity site installation requirements, in addition to the already existing SI series for 5 A.

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Do you SQUICH®?


Connecting multiple cables to a connector can be done quickly and without tools.

Using ILME’s SQUICH® connection technology anyone can do the wiring with a simple gesture.

Perfect for a variety of industrial machinery in rugged industrial environments, from automation to robotics, and wind or railway applications, SQUICH® inserts allow easy and safe cabling by the actuator buttons.

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New AXYR® connection possibilities


The more dynamic the industries become, the more the need to simplify electrical connection processes increase to keep up with this continuous evolution. In this scenario, fast and safe handling is significant especially when speaking about demanding applications, while easy-to-use products help to minimize the risk of error at all the phases.

AXYR® termination technology by ILME is designed to suit these requirements for any type of installation, matching the high-density typical of crimping performance with the immediateness of a straight, spring push-in connection.

The existing 16 A range of AXYR® products is widened by the new CQEY series, including standard or double-inserts sizes (part number CQEY… N), intermateable and combinable  – when uncoded – with their corresponding CQE crimp models. Together with the CQY inserts, the possible configurations are therefore extended from 5 up to 92 poles fitting compatible enclosure up to “104.62” dimension.

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IP68 water-lock covers


The potential exposition of connectors to pollution, weather agents and mechanical shocks, becomes considerably increased in all those situations where cables remain unmated for long time.

Harsh environments and applications, indeed, always require high protection and resistance features.

The CG/MG series of enclosures by ILME fulfills those purposes combining technical aspects such as water tightness to IP66/IP68/IP69 versatile rating and compliance with EMC standards. As a natural completion of this product range, now enlarged, we have introduced the CGC…G metal covers.

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What makes us ILME


Every element in our Company is connected.

We are united by a common culture of anticipating needs, creativity, meticulous attention to details.
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MIXO TWO: modularity doubles


The speed of innovation and digitalization, the increasing number of customized products, and the diffusion of smart factories can all have one word in common: modularity.

Modularity in terms of configurations, combinations and choice possibilities.

By offering the highest level of flexibility, MIXO modular connectors by ILME enable to build custom connections perfectly fitting the demands of every single application.

A flexibility that also extends to the enclosures with the possibility, thanks to the new MIXO TWO, of combining two modules in a particularly space-saving and versatile way.

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We make complex configurations simple


The actual needs and solutions in the field of automation are as diverse as the parts and components required in this sector. From customer to customer, project to project, the various needs of automated systems often cannot be fully covered by standardized components.

MIXO, is the modular system by ILME to configure and build your individual and almost unique connector.
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MIXO 300 A modules for high current applications


The growing energy consumption across the globe driven by the growing demand for efficient grid and regular load management, the surging increase of hybrid and electric vehicles and of an efficient and uninterrupted power supply has led to the rising demand for systems and equipment more efficient and more compact.

The newly introduced MIXO modules represent the ILME answer for high current connectors featuring 300 A and 1000 V rating.

The new connectors have been designed to meet the specific needs of the sector and are available in two variants:

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Our new website is live!


Browse and discover the new

Not only a design improvement, but also additional features for the best user experience.

Working with us is even easier with:

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