PCB Adapters: time-saving termination


ILME has enriched the range of PCB interface adapters, enlarging the connectors’ application in the electronics sector.
The new entries of the CIF series allow a precise cabling and an easy mounting as well as a reduction of the wiring costs, offering an efficient installation in power electronics or signal applications.
The adapters are designed for printed circuit boards with thickness up to 2,4 mm and are provided with gold or silver plated contacts.
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Stamped contacts: a convenient alternative


The new SI 5 A gold plated stamped crimp contacts are the right solution for signal and data applications, particularly required in the automation and robotics sectors and on installations on electrical panels.

The multiple advantages of the new series include:
– Outstanding price-quality ratio
– Time optimization for high volume automatic processes
– Compatibility with the main data connectors and standard or modular inserts used in the automation sector.
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Distanced but connected


It’s all about sense of service.
The coronavirus pandemic puts us to the test, undermined our certainties and habits, but even during the emergency we continued to be fully operative to support our customers. A daily commitment to offer technical guidance, fast deliveries and ongoing production.
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CX 36 IF/M: multi-pin experience


Research for the highest possible number of contacts in the most compact space is a driver of today’s industry needs. Industrial connectors follow this trend, in particular the modular series which by nature are at the forefront of innovation.

ILME MIXO series of modular units continues to be enriched with new modules, the latest addition is the CX 36 IF/M crimp insert, a solution designed for the automation industry and focused on signal transmission scope.
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Small footprint, big performance


The trend towards miniaturization continues to be a driver for many industries.
As robotics and other industrial machinery become increasingly compact, multi-axis, and multi-functional, the installation space intended for devices such as servomotors is accordingly decreasing.
Components like connectors must keep pace with the robotics technology. ILME’s answer to this need is the new CQ4F/M 03/2, size “21.21”, combined insert. 3 poles plus PE with 2 additional auxiliary contacts for an improved power management.
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Across the bridges


Industrial automation makes extensive use of sensors and actuators to analyse, control and manage a wide variety of production processes.

CR BDSH parallel bridges are the answer to the growing demand for the use of these devices being a technological solution that significantly reduces installation time and wiring effort.
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The power of combination


ILME CX series of combined inserts has been enriched with the new-born CX 9/42, an all-in-one solution combining power and signal connections.

CX 9/42 inserts set a new standard in the design of rectangular connectors, a combination of 9 power and 42 auxiliary signal contacts.
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Compact. Versatile. 21.21


ILME has enlarged its series of compact “21.21” enclosures, offering a new range of products aimed to satisfy all types of environmental requirements and installation needs.

Developed for large diameter cables using an M25 cable entry, the new hoods become a perfect solution for the robotics and automation sectors thanks to the wiring flexibility and compact size.
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The original SIMPLEX self-closing cover is a smart solution to always preserve the connector, granting an IP65 degree of protection when mated and locked.

Made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic material reinforced with glass fibre, the SIMPLEX cover is the right choice for applications like panels, machinery, control systems where protection of the uncovered connector is essential when the mating plug is removed, without recurring to the manual operation of closing a hinged cover.
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HNM inserts: 10.000 times durable


The ILME HNM – High Number of Matings series is enriched with the combined inserts RX 12/2, a perfect solution for the automation sector, especially for test benches, three-phase AC induction motors and automatic tool changers (ATC) thanks to its outstanding durability which guarantees up to 10.000 mating cycles with dedicated enclosures.
The main features include:
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