MIXO TWO: angled housings for compact installation


The flexibility and versatility that characterize our MIXO modular system extend to the enclosures to rely on robust protective solutions in industrial applications. Born as a complement of the MIXO ONE Series for one single-sized modules, the MIXO TWO enclosures are designed to host two 1-slot sized modules and widen the possible configurations of independent compact connectors.

Five new angled metal housings are now available for installation on vertical panels:

  • CXA 02 IA: angled bulkhead mounting metal housing, with open bottom flange and no cable entry;
  • MXA 02 AP25 and MXA 02 AP32: angled surface mounting metal housings, with closed bottom flange and M25 /M32 cable entry;
  • MXA 02 IAP25 and MXA 02 IAP32: angled bulkhead mounting metal housings, with open bottom flange and M25 /M32 cable entry.

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Widening the compacts: new enclosures size 21.21


Design compactness is crucial in all those environments aiming for space management and streamlined operations without sacrificing performance, as in most case this efficiency translates to cost saving and enhanced productivity.

Meeting the small footprint and volume needs of the modern industries, ILME has further extended the already wide 21.21 Series with new enclosures featuring smoother and more flexible wiring.

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SPS Italia 2024


Everything is ready for the annual meeting at SPS Italia!

Come and discover our latest innovations and original connection solutions for industrial automation.

Save the date:

28 – 30 May

Hall 6, booth K034

Get access to free parking and welcome coffee at the fair with the ILME Friends Card.

  • By registering or logging in SPS Italy website and entering the following code: XKVYYF
  • By clicking the following link from mobile: entry ticket.
    If the App is already installed on your device, the ILME Friends Card will be downloaded automatically, otherwise the store page will open to download it. Once downloaded and logged in, the upgrade page will open with the pre-filled Friends card code (XKVYYF).

We look forward to seeing you in Parma!
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“How To”: video tutorials for easy assembly


ILME website Assembly Tutorials area is rich of videos focused on how to safely assemble, mount and crimp key products.

By following single operating steps on how to perform specific actions, the tutorials provide practical guidance and advice to achieve quality assembly and crimping.

The section includes content regarding:

  • MIXO modular units
  • Contacts
  • Crimping tools and accessories

Listed by name for easy navigation, they are just waiting to be discovered.

And it does not end here!

Plenty additional videos

More content about our products and company are available on ILME official YouTube channel. Find out more by clicking here.


ILME worldwide exhibitions calendar March-May 2024


ILME first semester trade fairs calendar is already packed with events!

From March to May, we look forward to meeting you across Europe, America and Asia, where to experience our products first-hand with the support of our technical teams.

Stop by our booths to discover the key innovations and most recent connection solutions for the automation and industrial sectors.

Visit us at:
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IL-BRID locking system: hybrid design now also with single-lever


Coming together with the industrial evolution, the concept of hybrid design has become the challenge but also the opportunity of the automation sector to meet the market needs by following new directions. Products ease of use and adaptability to increasingly specific contexts are perceived as essential for customers and manufactures.

ILME response to flexibility and strength encounter stands in the IL-BRID Series of enclosures, whose range, distinguished by CL-ML nomenclature, now includes single-lever versions for the standard sizes “57.27”, “77.27” and “104.27”.



New MIXO modules – fresh air for pneumatics


The transmission of clean and dry compressed air applied to automation requires specific characteristics and conditions including mechanical resistance and compactness of the components, both basic peculiarities of pneumatics modules that allow maximizing the efficiency and durability of the connection systems.

To further increase the possibilities of modularity, widening the solutions offer, ILME has developed two double-sized MIXO modules CX 02 MPBF/M with relevant larger metal contacts for tube sizes 8.0 and 10 mm (each module can host different tube diameters) added to the already available single modules with 2 or 3 seats for tube sizes from 1,6 to 6 mm.

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10 A stamped performance


When speaking about products and industries, the quest for quality satisfaction is always ongoing and strictly linked to the balance between performance, reliability and price. This is even more common in such environments distinguished by high volumes of activity and automated processes oriented on making the market reachable as quickly as possible.

In terms of optimizing wiring and connections, stamped contacts match cost-efficiency with a quick and easy processing so as to facilitate the increase of production speed.

At ILME, we are now introducing the new 10 A silver-plated SD stamped contacts in crimp termination, available both as loose parts box for maintenance/small work and 5000 reel-pieces package for large quantity site installation requirements, in addition to the already existing SI series for 5 A.

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Do you SQUICH®?


Connecting multiple cables to a connector can be done quickly and without tools.

Using ILME’s SQUICH® connection technology anyone can do the wiring with a simple gesture.

Perfect for a variety of industrial machinery in rugged industrial environments, from automation to robotics, and wind or railway applications, SQUICH® inserts allow easy and safe cabling by the actuator buttons.

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