MIXO HDMI: faster, clearer, steadier


Modular inserts are the expression of the most up-to-date connection systems: custom configuration for specific needs, applied to the modern industry.
That’s why ILME MIXO series has been enriched with new, exclusive modules, MIXO HDMI for high quality video signal transmission, CX 01 MIF and CX 01 MIM.
The new modules have to be used in combination with dedicated patch cords, CW 2 MIAM and CW 2 MIAF, slim size, type A.
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Time is our partner


The approach to time.

At ILME we believe that time is the proper interval between the operations and procedures that accompany a product, from the conception of the idea to the market. In a perfect equilibrium between the drive to be successful and the due caution which precedes the results.

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COB 03/3 BC: on board evolution


ILME has developed a new special panel support for compact inserts, enlarging the practical and consolidated COB series.
The COB 03/3 BC allows to mount 3 “21.21” size inserts, offering 2 fixing options:

  • on a standard DIN 60715 rail through an easy and quick snap fastening, both lengthways and crossways to the support;
  • on fixed panels with screws.

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CYG 9KAXI3 T-junction box: our solution for distribution chain


The new ILME T-junction box CYG 9KAXI3 is a ready-to-use customizable solution for all industrial applications requiring the distribution of power and control signals.

T-junction box pictureThe pre-assembled system includes 3 compact bulkhead mounting housings with Class stainless steel locking lever and anti-ageing gasket (CKAX 03 I) mounted on a robust UV resistant aluminium distribution box (APV 9), offering a reliable construction suitable for outdoor use and an IP66/67 degree of protection.
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V-TYPE lever: extra tough


Choose your connector.

Over the years we developed a full range of connectors to offer the maximum possibility of choice to our Customers. The possible choices include also the locking levers, which vary according to the specific needs.

To withstand high vibrations and guarantee an IP67 protection degree, ILME has developed an innovative vertical closing system, the V-TYPE lever.

Fully made of stainless steel, the vertical movement guarantees a watertight seal and strain resistance.

A lever built to resist.

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SPS Connect 2020: virtual exhibition with real ILME people!


The year 2020 changed the world. Besides plenty of very dramatic changes, several established exhibitions were cancelled. Never the less, it is important for us to stay in direct contact with you!

We are present at the SPS Connect with the known ILME staff.
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Mixo Megabit: mega transmission in a compact space


The ILME Mixo modular system has been enriched with the shielded Megabit module, the perfect solution for any installation requiring data transfer with shielded signal lines, such as railway sector and many other applications.

Besides the advantage of compactness, with its single module size, the new 8-pole insert is an Ethernet Cat5e component (frequencies up to 100 MHz and data rates up to 1 Gbps) and has a rating of 10 A / 50 V / 0,8 kV / 3.
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Keep looking ahead


We innovate to create value.

Think for the customers, understand and translate still unexpressed but perceived needs to conceive and implement connections that are useful, reliable and durable.

Research, development and inspiration guide the thought in ILME and led to some pioneering examples of original products: from the first plastic enclosures in the market to the SQUICH® connection without tools, true to one of our main cultural pillars:
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CKH Hygienic: safe for food


ILME has enlarged the range of products for the food and beverage application with the new CKH Hygienic enclosures size “21.21”, a perfect solution that meets the requirements of the sector and satisfies the need of compactness, a trend of most of the industrial fields.
The new series offers many advantages that make it the right product for the SPLASH production area of the food industry, such as:
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Our new website is live!


Browse and discover the new ilme.com.

Not only a design improvement, but also additional features for the best user experience.

Working with us is even easier with:
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