MIXO TWO: angled housings for compact installation

The flexibility and versatility that characterize our MIXO modular system extend to the enclosures to rely on robust protective solutions in industrial applications. Born as a complement of the MIXO ONE Series for one single-sized modules, the MIXO TWO enclosures are designed to host two 1-slot sized modules and widen the possible configurations of independent compact connectors.

Five new angled metal housings are now available for installation on vertical panels:

  • CXA 02 IA: angled bulkhead mounting metal housing, with open bottom flange and no cable entry;
  • MXA 02 AP25 and MXA 02 AP32: angled surface mounting metal housings, with closed bottom flange and M25 /M32 cable entry;
  • MXA 02 IAP25 and MXA 02 IAP32: angled bulkhead mounting metal housings, with open bottom flange and M25 /M32 cable entry.


Made of die cast zinc alloy, thermosetting powder-coated in grey colour (RAL 7040), MIXO TWO are distinguished by the use of the IL-BRID hybrid lever that allows a solid locking hold combining the proprieties of thermoplastic material with the rigidity of a stainless-steel core.

The system includes also:

an integrated die cast zinc alloy module holding frame with improved PE pre-leading contact that now accepts up to 10 mm2 ferruled wire (no special tool required) or 16 mm2 with CGT 16 PE adapter, two captive sliding insulating locking tabs for fixing the modules to the frame, two captive zinc-plated steel M4 screws for fixing the assembly of frame and modules to either panel or hood.




The housings are combinable with the already existing one-piece hood of the Series with large side or top cable entry (up to M32). They also can be used in combination with CXP 02 C insulating cover.


  • Space saver: more compact than alternative solution with standard size 44.27 enclosures
  • Reduced wiring time thanks to standard PE connection on the MIXO frame


For further technical details, watch the technical clip: