Wind energy

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Wind energy is one of the most successful and climate-friendly energies and has become a globally established industry, offering an emission free and sustainable form of energy supply.
For long lasting operation and to optimize maintenance times , connectors are an important component of a wind turbine, used in several locations for the transmission of operating power and signals for pitch systems, slip ring units, control cabinets, brakes, cable sets, service elevators, offshore cranes, power outlets and tower lighting system.

The main requirements for the connections are closely related to the structural and environmental properties of this field, and include:

– resistance to vibrations, temperatures and mechanical stress
– protection against sea water, salt mist, oils and other harsh conditions
– High IP protection and UV resistance for outdoor application
– low product weight in long cable sets

ILME has a wide range of products that meets the connection demands of the wind energy sector, offering reliable and high performing solutions.


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