The choice is yours

Special conditions require specialized solutions.
This is why we offer a large amount of unique ILME enclosure versions that are available with multiple combinations of features and materials, offering a high flexibility for any kind of application.

The connections reliability and protection against the, sometimes, harsh environmental conditions are ensured by single or double locking systems in stainless steel, or entirely in plastic, or in a combination of both: all that remains is to choose the solution that suits you best.


  • Locking systems for higher user safety and process reliability
  • High application flexibility


  • industrial environments and wherever a reliable and easily interlockable connection is required
  • indoor or outdoor harsh environments, with enclosures featuring special corrosion-resistant coatings
  • special environmental demands with enclosures suitable for EMC applications, high number of matings, food processing and much more.

Main solutions among all our possibilities:
– Standard C-TYPE and hybrid stainless steel with plastic IL-BRID for IP65, IP66 and IP69

– Economic plastic JEI®-P and full thermoplastic enclosures T-TYPE for IP65, IP66 and IP69

– Powerful vertical closing fully stainless-steel V-TYPE for demanding IP67 and IP69