MIXO 300 A modules for high current applications

The growing energy consumption across the globe driven by the growing demand for efficient grid and regular load management, the surging increase of hybrid and electric vehicles and of an efficient and uninterrupted power supply has led to the rising demand for systems and equipment more efficient and more compact.

The newly introduced MIXO modules represent the ILME answer for high current connectors featuring 300 A and 1000 V rating.

The new connectors have been designed to meet the specific needs of the sector and are available in two variants:

Crimp version for silver-plated contacts

Double frame slots modules for phase and PE connection, available in two sizes: 01 (regular), for 16 mm2 to 70 mm2 wire cross-section conductors and 01B (large), for 95 mm2 to 120 mm2, for an increased current carrying capacity.


90°-angled screw version for cable lugs terminals

Double frame slots modules for phase and PE connection designed with a special insulating plate and snap-in closing cover to provide an effective 360° finger-proof capability. The insulating plate can rotate and lock in with 90° increments around the module axis for maximum application flexibility. The feature avoids any accidental contact between any conductive element (side-by-side installation).


Both variants guarantee:
• Quick installation, the modules are supplied pre-assembled, ready for snapping-in the crimped connections
• Safe installation, finger proof modules and contacts
• Reliable connection, new C30 series crimp contacts, 7 different sizes available covering from 16 to 120 mm2
• Smart grounding, PE modules equipped with spring plate for direct bonding between the contact and MIXO frame, without additional assembly operation

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