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Welcome to ILME

Welcome to ILME, the ideal partner for Industrial Connections for power supply of plug connected devices, connections for auxiliary circuits, and automation control.
70 years of research and development offer innovative technical solutions which guarantee safety, reliability and economy.
A high level of technical service to users is KEY to our industrial activity.



D-Sub module: reliable shield connection

The new enhanced female D-Sub shielded module is the perfect solution for a wide range of sectors, including automation, robotics and energy, as it offers a T-connection for RS-485 BUS systems, making it also suitable for Motor-Control-Center technology (MCC).
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High voltage performance and efficiency

Ilme has enriched its range of MIXO modular inserts with the new CX 02 CHF/CHM high voltage 2 poles single module, which grants more flexibility thanks to its rating (16A 2500V 15kV 3) combined with the space-saving design.
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Powerful and compact: a smart combo

The new MIXO 100A modular insert is now available in a single module version, offering a high power solution in a compact space and granting more flexible modular combinations.

Specifically developed for the rail, wind energy and robotics industries, its rating (100A 830V 8kV 3) allows the use of a single power line and a 3-phase application in a “57.27” size.

The insert features a smart contact protection system, employing ILME patented contact holders and stopper keys, easy to assemble and disassemble with a flat screwdriver.
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PCB adapters: wiring made easier

In an industrial environment, faster assembly and lower costs make all the difference. To help achieve this, ILME has enriched its series of PCB adapters with the new:

CIF Q08 1.6: for CQ 08 inserts (8 poles) and PCB thickness up to 1,6 mm;

CIF Q4/2 2.4: for CQ 04/2 inserts (4 + 2 poles + PE) and PCB thickness up to 2,4 mm.
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MIXO Gigabit: sturdy connection for high-speed needs.

MIXO Gigabit is a robust and compact modular connector unit. A perfect data connecting solution for challenging the need of shielded connectors in sectors like railway, wind, energy, factory automation application and other harsh industrial environments as it complies with the Cat. 6A requirements (high-speed data transmission), that is currently the most requested industrial standard (up to 500MHz) for an Ethernet connection up to 10 Gb/s.
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