MKAW V25 and MKAS V25 hoods


Our two new M25 entry hoods for 21×21 mm inserts are now available:

MKAW V25, which enriches our W-TYPE series designed for industrial applications with particularly aggressive external agents;

MKAS V25, part of the EMC enclosures series for electromagnetic compatibility.
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CX 6/12

CX 6/12


The new CX 6/12 insert has been developed with a retainer device on crimp contacts.

This layout enables the wires to be connected to the socket and plug insert removable contacts by crimping them with a crimp tool and its locating turret.

The crimp connection is insured and is extremely resistant even to the most insidious strains, such as vibrations.
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CQ 4


The new CQ4 inserts ensure a 40A current in the same size of the standard 21.21 inserts (normally 10A/16A).

They can be used with crimp contacts with a conductor cross-section up to 10 mm2.

The new CQ4 series is completed by the new MKA enclosures with M25 thread size.

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E-Xtreme® series


Discover all the advantages of the new series of enclosures designed for extremely demanding environments.


AutoShort NC SQUICH® connectors


The new AutoShort connector series suitable for the interfacing of measuring current transformers is now available.
The 3 pairs of contacts with AutoShort NC spring element of the female connector remain normally closed and open only when mated with the male connector.
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CDSH-SQUICH® inserts


The new CDSH-SQUICH® series allows to:

+70% thanks to a high density of contacts

-50% thanks to the spring connection
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SIMPLEX self-closing covers


The new SIMPLEX cover has been developed for applications which require higher protection for connectors.

The self-closing cover prevents the operator to accidentally leave it open and therefore guarantees a higher level of safety compared to manual closing covers (LS/LP versions).
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CSAH SQUICH® inserts


The new CSAH inserts series with SQUICH ® connection is now available with the following advantages:
• Reduced wiring time
• No need for tools
• Already open and ready for conductor clamping terminals
• Adaptation to any rigid or flexible cable type, including unprepared wires
• Compliant with Euromap 12/13/14/16/62 technical recommendations.
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CDA series


We inform you that the CDA series has been enriched with screw-type termination inserts, available in 10 and 16 poles versions.

The new version is provided with a built-in wire protection pressure plate, which preserves the conductors in case of wiring with unprepared conductors up to a maximum wire cross-section of 4 mm².
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CN16 cover

New CN16 catalogue


Please be informed that the new CN16 catalogue is now available in English.

It contains the following new products: ­
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