SQUICH® connectors for 10.000 mating cycles

Machine interfaces and system components that are connected and disconnected several times a day require high-performance connectors as frequent mating cycles are the norm.

 For such conditions ILME offers the RSH and RDSH inserts, designed to maximize ease of use and minimize maintenance downtime.

These inserts combine the special gold plating and lubrication features typical of the HNM (High Number of Matings) series with all benefits of the ILME proprietary SQUICH® technology: tool-less connection, fast and reliable wiring, high resistance to vibrations.

Key characteristics:

  • Special contacts with galvanic high-performance gold plating for 10 000 mating cycles
  • RSH inserts with 6 / 10 / 16 / 24 poles and ratings 16A / 500V / 6kV / 3
  • RDSH inserts with the highest contact density 9 / 18 / 27 / 42 poles and ratings 10A / 400V / 6kV / 3
  • Probing point for multimeter measurements on each contact and additional coding system (RDSH only)

For further technical details, click to flip through our online products catalogue and the dedicated RHS and RDSH product datasheets, or watch our dedicated clip: