New MIXO modules – fresh air for pneumatics

The transmission of clean and dry compressed air applied to automation requires specific characteristics and conditions including mechanical resistance and compactness of the components, both basic peculiarities of pneumatics modules that allow maximizing the efficiency and durability of the connection systems.

To further increase the possibilities of modularity, widening the solutions offer, ILME has developed two double-sized MIXO modules CX 02 MPBF/M with relevant larger metal contacts for tube sizes 8.0 and 10 mm (each module can host different tube diameters) added to the already available single modules with 2 or 3 seats for tube sizes from 1,6 to 6 mm.


Modular and flexible, the new pneumatic modules accommodate removable and dedicated pneumatic contacts (CMPES B is the suitable removal tool for extraction) available in straight version either with hose barbs push-over tube attachment (ID: 8 and 10 mm) or with quick-fitting push-in tube attachment (OD: 8 and 10 mm); moreover, female contacts can be with or without shut-off valve.


The new connectors can be used for up to 500 or 10,000 mating cycles when respectively in combination with traditional MIXO frames/enclosures or HNM (High Number of Matings) MIXO frames/enclosures; being designed to withstand a continuous operating pressure of 10 bar, with a -40 to +80°C working temperature range, they allow compatibility with most industrial installations.


  • ideal for harsh environments thanks to robust metal contacts
  • extend the pipe diameter for increased air flow and/or reduced pressure loss (long lines)
  • reuse of hoses allowed by push in connection