New metal concept

Smaller, faster, safer, and easier to connect.

These are the keywords summing up the continuous trends in connectors and connectivity.

Components for the automation industry are required to remain compact and small, but along with the size, the connectors have to be resistant to vibrations and maintain their seal to withstand rugged environments.

To meet these needs, ILME has developed the new CQA / MQA 08 enclosures which stand out for features and functionality guaranteed over time:

  • compact overall dimension size “32.13”
  • hoods in one piece for handling any wiring combination
  • fully metallic
  • with a robust stainless steel lever
  • EMC-ready if equipped with suitable M25 EMC cable gland

They come together with the new specifically designed CQ 08E inserts in crimp termination technology with integrated PE plate, for granting the connection continuity between the PE contact and the metal enclosure.

For a fast and error-free wiring, internal keys on both hoods and housings avoid possibly hazardous mounting of inserts without such integrated PE plate.

For further technical details, click to flip through our dedicated 2022 Newsbook Extract.