M25 angled route

MKA..VA25 is the newly developed zinc die-cast hood with M25 angled cable entry widening ILME’s range of compact enclosures.

This new hood features an improved capability for large diameter cables or wire bundles while avoiding torsional stress on the counterpart housing locking lever, and stands out for being higher than its M20 version, but still remaining space-saving.

Four different variants are available according to the application:

  • MKA VA25 standard version for industrial heavy-duty purposes;
  • MKAG VA25 (DESINA®), same as the standard but with glued sealing gasket, prescribed for DESINA® inserts;
  • MKAW VA25 (W-TYPE) black colour, with improved corrosion resistance for aggressive environments;
  • MKAS VA25 (EMC) with conductive surface, for optimal electromagnetic shielding, in combination with EMC cable gland.

Fully compatible with all our range of existing “21.21” enclosures, the MKA..VA25 is especially suitable for CQ4 40 A inserts, or CQ series with large number of individual conductors, and meets IP66/67/69 degree of protection when associated with CKR 65 (D) gasket and screw kit.

For further technical details, click to flip through our MKA..VA25 Newsbook Extract, or whole range of compact enclosures.