CX 01 YA: power for storage

When it comes to serve the growing energy transition market, which requires high power features combined with compactness, the integration of power systems and relevant cable assemblies has to be safe, cost-effective and space-saving.

ILME presents its own solution, the CX 01 YAF/M high-power MIXO module, designed to minimize its space installation requirements while guaranteeing a 200 A rating performance.


The smart asset of this new module is the special insulating cover plate:

  • allowing the connection of DIN 46235 pre-insulated crimp cable lugs
  • while avoiding accidental contact between cable lugs of adjacent modules

The result is a compact 90° connection type, which means no bending of large diameter wires (up to 70 mm2), and the same voltage rating (1000 V) of the standard 200 A crimp module.

For further technical details, click to flip through our 2022 Newsbook Extract, CX 01 YA product datasheets or watch our clip: