CQ 04/2E insert: EMC by definition

Digitization, connected cars, and IoT will continue to drive the market.

As technology evolves, EMC shielding becomes increasingly important to protect sensitive signals or prevent a stronger signal from leaking out and interfering with surrounding electronics.

To meet this need, ILME has recently introduced new EMC-shielded connectors and continues to increase the range of possible combinations.

The latest addition is the new CQ 04/2E insert size “32.13” in crimp termination technology, an evolution of the popular CQ 04/2 insert, now available with an integrated PE plate. A range of compact inserts that expands together with CQ 08E and CQY 08E ones.

Featuring four 40 A power contacts and two 10 A auxiliary contacts, the new insert is designed for use in combination with the new CQA / MQA 08 enclosures, a compact solution, EMC-ready for a broad range of applications and industries, from automotive to industrial devices and power stations.

EMC performance in metallic enclosures can be even improved by using the replacement conductive gasket CR 08 EMC.

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