10 A stamped performance

When speaking about products and industries, the quest for quality satisfaction is always ongoing and strictly linked to the balance between performance, reliability and price. This is even more common in such environments distinguished by high volumes of activity and automated processes oriented on making the market reachable as quickly as possible.

In terms of optimizing wiring and connections, stamped contacts match cost-efficiency with a quick and easy processing so as to facilitate the increase of production speed.

At ILME, we are now introducing the new 10 A silver-plated SD stamped contacts in crimp termination, available both as loose parts box for maintenance/small work and 5000 reel-pieces package for large quantity site installation requirements, in addition to the already existing SI series for 5 A.


  • integral retaining spring elements
  • elastic socket opening
  • two sizes:- 1 .0 for stranded copper wires with conductor cross-sectional area 0,37 mm2 – 1 mm2 (24-18 AWG);
    – 2 .5 for stranded copper wires with conductor cross-sectional area 1,5 mm2 – 2,5 mm2 (16-14 AWG).
  • Compatible with ILME inserts: CD, CDD, CQ, CQ4 series (aux), CX combined inserts, 10 A MIXO crimp modules.

Providing tensile strength (pullout force) compliant with EN/IEC 60352 Ed. 2, SD stamped contacts also consists of an open crimp barrel structure without insulation grip and they can ensure up to 500 mating cycles.