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Part number

RVI 10 L

Brief description: bulkhead mounting housing with single lever, size "57.27", HNM series, IP65 or IP66/IP67 (with O-Ring gasket)

RVI 10 L

Technical details

Product description
Version C7 - CV and M7 - MV enclosures, V-Type lever version
Series bulkhead mounting housing with single lever - HNM (High Number of Matings)
Product type with stainless steel lever
Family C7 - CV and M7 - MV enclosures, V-Type lever version
Size size "57.27"
Technical data
Operating temperature range (min, max) -40 °C...+125 °C
Material metal
IP degree of protection IP65 without O-Ring gasket, IP66/IP67 with O-Ring gasket
Further technical details
Weight 125,00 g
General ordering information
EAN13 code 8015747253062
Tariff number
Country of origin
Packaging Information
Packaging length 200,00 mm
Packaging height 105,00 mm
Packaging width 260,00 mm
Packaging weight 2,50 kg
Packaging volume 5,46 dm³
Packaging description Carton box
Packaging quantity 20 Pcs
Packaging EAN code 8015747253079
Sub-packaging weight 0,63 kg
Sub-packaging description Plastic packaging
Sub-packaging quantity 5 Pcs
Sub-packaging EAN barcode 8015747253086