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Part number

CXM 8/24

Brief description: male insert, 8 poles + PE, crimp connections, 16A 400V, (24 poles (10A max - 250V)), 4kV, 2, for male contacts 16A and 10A, size "57.27", CLASS insert series

CXM 8/24

Technical details

Product description
Model male insert
Version crimp connections
Series CX
Product type for male contacts 16A and 10A
Family CLASS inserts
Size size "57.27"
N. of poles 8 poles +
Auxiliary poles 24 poles (10A max - 250V)
Technical data
Current 16 A
Voltage 400  V
Rated impulse withstand voltage 4 kV
Pollution degree 2
Operating temperature range (min, max) -40°C … +125°C
Mating cycles ≥ 500
IP degree of protection IP20 without enclosure, IP65/IP66/IP68/IP69 with enclosure
Further technical details
Characteristics according to EN 61984 16A 230/400V 4kV 3 (aux: 10A 160V 2.5kV 3); 16A 400V 4kV 2 (aux: 10A 250V 4kV 2)
Insulation resistance ≥ 10 GΩ
Rated voltage according to UL/CSA 600V
UL 94 flammability rating V-0
Weight 49,00 g
Approvals / Standards
Reference standard EN 61984:2009-06
Quality mark DNV GL, BV, EAC
Conformity CQC, CE
General ordering information
EAN13 code 8015747042734
Tariff number 85369095
Country of origin Made in EU (IT)
ETIM classification EC000438
Packaging Information
Sub-packaging length 67,00 mm
Sub-packaging height 36,00 mm
Sub-packaging width 180,00 mm
Sub-packaging weight 0,25 kg
Sub-packaging volume 0,43 dm³
Sub-packaging description Carton tray
Sub-packaging quantity 5 Pcs
Sub-packaging EAN barcode 8015747042741


CXF/M 8/24 inserts
- characteristics according to EN 61984:
16A 230/400V 4kV 3
16A 400V 4kV 2
10A 160V 2,5kV 3
10A 250V 4kV 2
- rated voltage according to UL/CSA: 600V
- insulation resistance: > 10 GOhm
- ambient temperature limit: -40 °C ... +125 °C
- are made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic resin UL 94 V0
- mechanical life: > 500 cycles
- contact resistance: < 1 mOhm (8 poles) < 3 mOhm (24 poles)
- PCBs interface, see article CIF 2.4 (10A contacts)
- enclosures: size 57.27:
C7 IP67 stainless steel lever
V-TYPE IP65/IP66 stainless steel lever
T-TYPE IP65 insulating
JEI zinc-plated steel lever
BIG hoods
aggressive environments
central lever
- panel supports: COB