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Part number

CXA 01 I

Brief description: bulkhead mounting housing with 1 stainless steel rigid lever and screw PE connection terminal, 1 module, Mixo One series

Technical details

Product description
Version MIXO ONE enclosures
Series bulkhead mounting housings with single lever
Product type With stainless steel rigid lever
Style with PE connection terminal and contact
Family CXA - MXA enclosures
Size 1 module
Technical data
Operating temperature range (min, max) -40 °C ... +125 °C
Material metal
Mating cycles ≥ 500
IP degree of protection IP65
PE terminal stripping length 10 mm
PE wire cross-section 0,5 mm² - 10 mm² / AWG 8
Tightening torque for PE connection 1 Nm
Further technical details
Weight 45,00 g
General ordering information
EAN13 code 8015747263535
Packaging Information
Packaging length 155,00 mm
Packaging height 115,00 mm
Packaging width 130,00 mm
Packaging weight 0,59 kg
Packaging volume 2,32 dm³
Packaging description Carton box
Packaging quantity 10 Pcs
Packaging EAN code 8015747269292
Sub-packaging weight 0,06 kg
Sub-packaging description Plastic bag
Sub-packaging quantity 1 Pcs
Sub-packaging EAN barcode 8015747269308