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Part number

CX 02 P

Brief description: for pneumatic contacts (without contacts, to be ordered separately), 1 module, modular units for pneumatic contacts

Technical details

Product description
Version for pneumatic contacts
Style 2 housings for tube Ø 6.0
Family MIXO series, customizable inserts
Size 1 module
Technical data
Operating temperature range (min, max) -40°C ... +80°C
Further technical details
Characteristics according to EN 61984 16A 830V 8kV 3 (aux: 16A 500V 6kV 3); 16A 1000V 8kV 2 (power contacts only)
Insulation resistance ≥ 10 GΩ
Rated voltage according to UL/CSA 600V
UL 94 flammability rating V-0
Weight 7,00 g
Approvals / Standards
Quality mark
Conformity Not applicable
General ordering information
EAN13 code 8015747095952
Packaging Information
Packaging length 180,00 mm
Packaging height 130,00 mm
Packaging width 150,00 mm
Packaging weight 2,00 kg
Packaging volume 3,51 dm³
Packaging description Carton box
Packaging quantity 60 Pcs
Packaging EAN code 8015747221160
Sub-packaging length 35,00 mm
Sub-packaging height 40,00 mm
Sub-packaging width 155,00 mm
Sub-packaging weight 0,33 kg
Sub-packaging volume 0,22 dm³
Sub-packaging description Carton tray
Sub-packaging quantity 10 Pcs
Sub-packaging EAN barcode 8015747102339


1) Please note that the VDE-Directives do not allow the combination of electrical and liquid connectionswithin the same connector for clear safety reasons.
2) CRM/F CX code pins and guides must be used forpneumatic contacts modules.
These pins also provide coding if pneumatic contacts modules are used exclusively.

Use of units for pneumatic contacts
- identical male and female modular units
- pneumatic contacts for pressure values up to 8 bar,for use with clean and dry compressed air
- contacts for gas and liquids on request (see warning)
- use of tubes with Ø 1.6 - 3 - 4 and 6 mm, and possible replacement of tubes with assembled units
- possibility of using tubes with different diameters in the same modular unit
- female contacts with or without closing valve
- working temperature range - 40 °C ÷ + 80 °C