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coding pin, for standard inserts, male, in zinc plated iron

Part number CRM D

Product description
Product type coding pin
Specification for standard inserts
Male, in zinc plated iron
Further technical details
Weight 1,70 g
General ordering information
EAN13 code 8015747038737
Packaging Information
Packaging length 112,00 mm
Packaging height 95,00 mm
Packaging width 117,00 mm
Packaging weight 0,89 kg
Packaging volume 1,24 dm³
Packaging description Carton box
Packaging quantity 400 Pcs
Packaging EAN code 8015747206778
Sub-packaging length 50,00 mm
Sub-packaging height 44,00 mm
Sub-packaging width 50,00 mm
Sub-packaging weight 0,11 kg
Sub-packaging volume 0,11 dm³
Sub-packaging description Plastic box
Sub-packaging quantity 50 Pcs
Sub-packaging EAN barcode 8015747207980


Dimensions shown in mm are not binding and may be changed without notice.