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Brief description: pneumatica crimping tool, with locator and footswitch, for 10 A, 16 A and 40 A contacts

Part number CCPZP RN

Product description
Series tools and accessories for crimp contacts
Product type pneumatic crimping tool
Variant with locator and footswitch
Style for 10 A, 16 A and 40 A contacts
Family accessories for multipole connectors
General ordering information
EAN13 code 8015747270786
Packaging Information
Sub-packaging description Plastic packaging
Sub-packaging quantity 1 Pcs
Sub-packaging EAN barcode 8015747270793


Technical information:
- Crimping force 25 kN
- Operating pressure 6 bar
- Air requirement 0.75 l per working stroke
- Size (l x h x w): 325 x 500 x 280
- Weight: 30,5 kg