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Part number

C7I 24

Brief description: bulkhead mounting housings with 2 levers, size "104.27", metal version, IP66/ IP67

Technical details

Product description
Version C7 - CV and M7 - MV enclosures, V-Type lever version
Series Bulkhead mounting housings with 2 levers
Product type with 2 stainless steel levers
Family C7 - CV and M7 - MV enclosures, V-Type lever version
Size size "104.27"
Technical data
Operating temperature range (min, max) -40 °C...+125 °C
Material metal
IP degree of protection IP66/ IP67 (EN 60529) and IP69 (DIN 40050 - 9) degree of protection.
Further technical details
Weight 177,00 g
Approvals / Standards
Quality mark (type:4/4X/12), , EAC
Conformity CQC, CE
General ordering information
EAN13 code 8015747093644
Packaging Information
Packaging length 365,00 mm
Packaging height 195,00 mm
Packaging width 305,00 mm
Packaging weight 7,08 kg
Packaging volume 21,71 dm³
Packaging description Carton box
Packaging quantity 40 Pcs
Packaging EAN code 8015747178150
Sub-packaging weight 0,89 kg
Sub-packaging description Plastic packaging
Sub-packaging quantity 5 Pcs
Sub-packaging EAN barcode 8015747178167


Due to the vertical closing movement, the new lever offers an IP66/IP67 protection (according to EN 60529) when fitted with a complete and coupled connector and used with ILME standard hoods in die cast aluminum with pegs (without adaptor).
For bulkhead-mounting housings, the IP66/IP67 protection class is guaranteed if the housings are fitted on sufficiently rigid panels, M4 screws of suitable length (negligible bending of the surface when exposed to the tightening torque of 0.8-1.2Nm of the fixing screws or to the deformations caused by the actual weight of the complete connector).
If rigidity is insufficient, is advisable to use CG .. FL flanges, M4 screws of suitable length and M4 flat/elastic washers (for the housing side) and M6 flat/elastic washers (for the flange side) with M4 locking nuts.
It is also important to check that the panel in contact with the gasket of the bulkhead-mounting housing flange is free from imperfections (deep scratches, grooves, burs) that could affect the operation of the gasket.