PCB Adapters: time-saving termination

ILME has enriched the range of PCB interface adapters, enlarging the connectors’ application in the electronics sector.
The new entries of the CIF series allow a precise cabling and an easy mounting as well as a reduction of the wiring costs, offering an efficient installation in power electronics or signal applications.
The adapters are designed for printed circuit boards with thickness up to 2,4 mm and are provided with gold or silver plated contacts.

Select the best product, according to your application requirements, with the new available solutions:

    • CIF Q05 2.4: 5 poles, 10A/250V, compatible with CQ 05 inserts.
    • CIF Q07 2.4: 7 poles, 7,5A/250V, compatible with CQ 07 inserts.
    • CIF Q12 2.4: 12 poles + PE, 7,5A/250V, compatible with the special dedicated CQF/M 12 CIF inserts with PE contact equipped with rear 1 mm diameter pin for the mating with the PE contact of the adapter.

Complete your installation with the dedicated interface contacts available for each of the adapters.

For further technical details, click to flip through our online 2020 Products catalogue and the dedicated product datasheet.