Mixo Megabit: mega transmission in a compact space

The ILME Mixo modular system has been enriched with the shielded Megabit module, the perfect solution for any installation requiring data transfer with shielded signal lines, such as railway sector and many other applications.

Besides the advantage of compactness, with its single module size, the new 8-pole insert is an Ethernet Cat5e component (frequencies up to 100 MHz and data rates up to 1 Gbps) and has a rating of 10 A / 50 V / 0,8 kV / 3.

Choose among the available variants:

  • with one or two cable entries according to your application;
  • for standard use or for installations requiring a high number of matings (HNM);
  • with crimp or screw vibration proof cable clamps available in different sizes and combinations.

Several types of 10 A crimp contacts are separately available to complete your installation.
For further technical details, click to flip through our online 2020 Products catalogue, view our assembly tutorial and the dedicated product datasheets.