MIXO HDMI: faster, clearer, steadier

Modular inserts are the expression of the most up-to-date connection systems: custom configuration for specific needs, applied to the modern industry.
That’s why ILME MIXO series has been enriched with new, exclusive modules, MIXO HDMI for high quality video signal transmission, CX 01 MIF and CX 01 MIM.
The new modules have to be used in combination with dedicated patch cords, CW 2 MIAM and CW 2 MIAF, slim size, type A.

The key benefit of HDMI is its ability to transport a high volumes of data using a single cable, consolidating and simplifying the connectivity between devices.
HDMI Type A interface compatible, the module is fully optimized for the HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 specifications, featuring:

    • 18 Gbit/s transmission bandwidth
    • UltraHD resolution 4K at 50/60 Hz
    • Audio Return Channel (ARC)
    • Network support for IP-based devices

Excellent connections for all those applications requiring high quality video signal transmission, like medical robotics, where high precision requires sharp details.

For further technical details, click to flip through our online products catalogue and the dedicated product datasheet.

Mixo HDMI modules