MIXO Gigabit: sturdy connection for high-speed needs.

MIXO Gigabit is a robust and compact modular connector unit. A perfect data connecting solution for challenging the need of shielded connectors in sectors like railway, wind, energy, factory automation application and other harsh industrial environments as it complies with the Cat. 6A requirements (high-speed data transmission), that is currently the most requested industrial standard (up to 500MHz) for an Ethernet connection up to 10 Gb/s.

This 8-pole module, with its robust zinc alloy shield, features a high signal integrity. Suitable for different Industrial Ethernet Standards, or even just where shielded signals have to be connected, the MIXO Gigabit unit can be combined with other modular units of the ILME MIXO series with a wide range of metal or plastic enclosures.

The Gigabit module needs to be completed with 5A gold plated crimp contacts, CI series, and with a cable clamp available for 3 different range of cable diameters, both screw-type or – upon request – for special crimping to withstand massive stress.