IL-BRID: stainless steel core

Lightweight construction is one of the key issues of our time. In addition to the substitution of metals by lighter materials, lightweight construction also includes the combination of different materials to match their advantages.

The synthesis of ILME technology with hybrid design is the IL-BRID lever, now available for standard-size enclosures.

The IL-BRID improved closing mechanism combines the action of two materials working together for a durable and low-wear performance:

SOFT TOUCH – first contact of the thermoplastic material on the peg

STRONG GRIP – stable hold of the stainless steel for a steady closing
The benefits don’t stop there, in addition to the proprietary ergonomic design for an easy opening, IL-BRID performs:

  • self-extinguishing UL-approved thermoplastic material
  • IP65/IP66/IP69 degree of protection according to EN 60529
  • optimal locking strength to sustain even large cables
  • compact footprint
  • possibility to replace the lever without tools

For further technical details, click to flip through our 2022 Newsbook Extract, product datasheets or watch the dedicated clip: