mixo 42 poles insert

High-density in 9 cm2

The ILME MIXO series is enriched with a high density 42 poles modular insert, CX 42 DF/DM.
Featuring a 20% additional density in comparison with the previous solution, the module is a space saving performer particularly suitable for applications on test benches and robotics.
Suitable to be used in combination with all the standard MIXO modular units and frames, the MIXO 42 poles can also become an HNM (high number of matings) module when used in combination with HNM frames, contacts and enclosures, reaching up to 10.000 couplings.

Combine three of this crimp double-sized 10 A / 150 V modules and obtain an up to 126-poles connection.
Customized black lock-in tabs included in the package allow to easily fix the module on the frame. The 10 A gold or silver plated contacts (to be bought separately) complete your installation.

mixo insert 42 poles