CYG 9KAXI3 T-junction box: our solution for distribution chain

The new ILME T-junction box CYG 9KAXI3 is a ready-to-use customizable solution for all industrial applications requiring the distribution of power and control signals.

T-junction box pictureThe pre-assembled system includes 3 compact bulkhead mounting housings with Class stainless steel locking lever and anti-ageing gasket (CKAX 03 I) mounted on a robust UV resistant aluminium distribution box (APV 9), offering a reliable construction suitable for outdoor use and an IP66/67 degree of protection.

Thanks to its structure, it allows a power/signal bus line on the pair of aligned connectors and a derivation line on the third one, which can be disconnected avoiding any bus line interruption and making it perfect for daisy-chain distribution systems.

The T-Box can be used with the whole range of compact “21.21” ILME inserts and hoods and can be supplied in the variant for aggressive environments and for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) according to your installation requirements.

For further technical details, click to flip through our online 2020 Products catalogue and the dedicated product datasheet.

CYG 9KAXI3 T-junction box picture