COB 03/3 BC: on board evolution

ILME has developed a new special panel support for compact inserts, enlarging the practical and consolidated COB series.
The COB 03/3 BC allows to mount 3 “21.21” size inserts, offering 2 fixing options:

  • on a standard DIN 60715 rail through an easy and quick snap fastening, both lengthways and crossways to the support;
  • on fixed panels with screws.

The support can host 3 compact metal or thermoplastic bulkhead mounting housings to be placed on an adaper plate with releasable rollover hinging pins, which allow an easy and flexible inserts installation with substantial space for cables.

COB panel supportFurther advantages of the new COB system include:

  • a reduction of installation and maintenance time comparing to the terminal blocks, thanks to the fast and simple mounting solution;
  • a wide range of connection options, due to the multiple types of available compact inserts, such as crimp, SQUICH®, screw and several data connectors, that can be used on the support;
  • a reliable structure granted by the robust and sturdy self-extinguishing thermoplastic material.

For further technical details, click to flip through our online products catalogue and the dedicated product datasheet.


Picture of COB 03/3 support for compact inserts