CJK 8M: RJ45 passe-partout

CJK 8M is the universal system designed by ILME to install and host most of RJ45 patch cord plugs available on the market.

The adapter insert can quickly and easily make captive the RJ45 plugs without any disassembly of the patch cord.
CJK 8M is comprised of 3 key components working together: the two-part insulating carrier which holds the plug and a special sealing gasket, which is longitudinally cut to be applied on the cable and increase its diameter to fit the cable gland sealing and ensure an IP67 degree of protection.

The assembly can be completed by a M25 top entry hood, size “21.21”, with glued gasket, available in multiple versions according to your environmental needs, by the plastic or metallic cable glands and the coding pin.

An easy-peasy system to deliver true performance.

RJ45 universal patch cord adapter