AXYR® – Wiring in axis

The wait is over!

We have left many clues to introduce you to our new connection technology:

AXYR® connection offers an extremely compact spring push-in termination, which equals the crimp connectors in high density, yet granting an optimal electrical performance.

An easy tool-less connection resistant to mechanical stress and vibrations, suitable for any installation requirement.

Compatible with
corresponding crimp connectors.
No need for any crimping tool.

Easy wiring by the actuator buttons. Suitable for any wire:
solid and stranded, either end-sleeve ferruled or unprepared.

Spring clamp connection
resistant to
mechanical stress
and vibration.


Discover the 16 A full range of inserts:

  • CQY 05 – with PE connection, size “21.21”, compatible with the corresponding crimp CQ 05 inserts
  • CQY 08E – with integrated PE plate for bonding to PE of CQA/MQA 08 size “32.13” compact, metallic enclosures
  • CX 06 CY and CX 08 CY – MIXO modules, for an advanced modularity

For further technical details, click to flip through our NEWS 2022.