MBV 24.40DG


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Tüllengehäuse, Gr.104.27, BIG Alu, 1xM40 gerade, selbstzentrierender Andockrahmen, Dichtung

Artikelnummer MBV 24.40DG

Produkttyp Tüllengehäuse
Baureihe BIG
Verschlusssystem mit 4 Bolzen
Größe Größe "104.27"
Kabelausgang gerader Kabelausgang
Spezifikationen mit selbstzentrierendem Andockrahmen und Dichtung
Technische Daten
IP-Schutzart IP66/IP67/IP69
Allgemeine Bestellinformationen
EAN-Code 13 8015747276382


Due to the absence of locking means, the IP66/IP67/IP69 achievable degree of protection is demanded to the end-use application:
1) Suitable pressure, in order to uniformly compress the sealing gasket and keep the connector coupling tight is required: this condition is satisfied when the self-centring guide pins and contact tubes reach their end-of-run and are kept constantly in this position.
2) Suitably rated cable entry devices (e.g. cable glands) are required to maintain the desired IP degree of protection. Protection against undue opening under load (connectors without breaking capacity) and closing under voltage is demanded to the end-use application, e.g. by suitable detection of such conditions.