Mixo One top view

MIXO ONE: modular by definition


MIXO One is the new housings system designed by ILME to accept most of the numerous single-sized modules of the MIXO modular series.

MIXO One opens the path to a new concept of the single MIXO module becoming a completely independent connector.

The robust aluminium die-cast enclosures, which incorporate a screw PE connection terminal and guarantee a good EMC shielding thanks to its conductive protection coating, feature:
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MKAS IVG20 enclosures

Interference-free operations


Discover the new MKAS IVG20 enclosures designed for our compact spring, screw, crimp and data connectors.

The zinc alloy bulkhead mounting housings, coated for electromagnetic compatibility, provide full shielding not only outside but also inside the cabinet, especially important for highly sensitive applications.

To increase the EMC shielding, the housings are also provided with a special built-in flange and sealing gasket which allow a direct and complete contact with the mounting surface.
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CQ4 02 inserts

CQ4: when small means powerful


The new CQ4 02 two poles crimp inserts enrich the family of ILME compact size connectors, offering a safe and flexible solution that satisfies high current (40 A) and high voltage requirements (up to 830 V) with large cable diameters (wire cross section up to 10 mm²), making them especially suitable for the automation, railway and energy sectors.

The fingerproof shape of both male and female mating faces and the special polarisation key that avoids incorrect coupling, grant high level of security. The additional coding pin (CR Q02) allows up to 16 different codings using two pins in the 4 available pin positions.
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Mixo Squich



Modularity and ease-of-use, a perfect combination for the new MIXO SQUICH® 5 poles modular insert.

For the first time with this insert, the ILME proprietary SQUICH® connection without tools is applied to the MIXO modular system.

Perfect for automation, robotics, wind and railway applications, CX 05 SHF/SHM insert allows a quick and easy cabling by its actuator buttons. Insert the wires and just push the buttons for a clever connection, which withstands vibration resistance and mechanical stresses, practically error-free.

Watch our SQUICH® video to discover all the advantages of the “just push” connection.


CENTRAL LEVER: just a hand!


ILME has introduced a new series of hoods, which enrich the range of central lever enclosures, offering a connection solution suitable for specific industrial requirements.

Central lever’s shape, thanks to its design, reduces the effort required for the uncoupling – reopening is possible even with one hand – and grants the possibility of a serial side-by-side installation.
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CJK 8M: RJ45 passe-partout


CJK 8M is the universal system designed by ILME to install and host most of RJ45 patch cord plugs available on the market.

The adapter insert can quickly and easily make captive the RJ45 plugs without any disassembly of the patch cord.
CJK 8M is comprised of 3 key components working together: the two-part insulating carrier which holds the plug and a special sealing gasket, which is longitudinally cut to be applied on the cable and increase its diameter to fit the cable gland sealing and ensure an IP67 degree of protection.
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Mixo D-Sub module

D-Sub module: reliable shield connection


The new enhanced female D-Sub shielded module is the perfect solution for a wide range of sectors, including automation, robotics and energy, as it offers a T-connection for RS-485 BUS systems, making it also suitable for Motor-Control-Center technology (MCC).
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Mixo 100A insert

Powerful and compact: a smart combo


The new MIXO 100A modular insert is now available in a single module version, offering a high power solution in a compact space and granting more flexible modular combinations.

Specifically developed for the rail, wind energy and robotics industries, its rating (100A 830V 8kV 3) allows the use of a single power line and a 3-phase application in a “57.27” size.

The insert features a smart contact protection system, employing ILME patented contact holders and stopper keys, easy to assemble and disassemble with a flat screwdriver.
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PCB adapters: wiring made easier


In an industrial environment, faster assembly and lower costs make all the difference. To help achieve this, ILME has enriched its series of PCB adapters with the new:

CIF Q08 1.6: for CQ 08 inserts (8 poles) and PCB thickness up to 1,6 mm;

CIF Q4/2 2.4: for CQ 04/2 inserts (4 + 2 poles + PE) and PCB thickness up to 2,4 mm.
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