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Information on the company

Corporate name: I.L.M.E. S.p.A.
Head office: Via Marco Antonio Colonna, 9 – 20149 Milan MI – Italy
VAT number and tax-paying code: 00886300151
Corporate stock : Euro 5.400.000 fully paid-up
Entered in the Register of Companies of Milan under number: 51062 and in the Economic and Administrative Business Register (R.E.A) of Milan under number 338129
Tel. +39 0234560501

General terms and conditions

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Limitations/exclusions of liability

The Website illustrates and provides information on I.L.M.E. SpA products, at the discretion of the Site Owner. The Site Owner agrees to undertake all reasonable efforts and measures to ensure that the information displayed is accurate and complete.
The provision of said information does not imply or provide any whatsoever guarantee to the Users of the Website. All information, images and photos provided are not binding and are subject to be changed without notice.
I.L.M.E. SpA, in its position of Site Owner, shall not be responsible and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information made available on the Website nor that it is updated. Furthermore, the Site Owner shall not be responsible and does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information made available on the Website through direct or indirect hyperlinks to other websites, that the information available on third party websites is updated, correct and truthful, and shall therefore not be responsible for any other hyperlink available on third party websites. The Site Owner does not guarantee that the information supplied by means of these direct or indirect hyperlinks infringes the rights of third parties, including, without any whatsoever limitation, intellectual property rights. The Site Owner shall not be responsible for any error or omission present on a website accessible through hyperlinks, regardless of whether they have been created by the Site Owner or the owners of other websites. The availability of a link to another website cannot be interpreted and does not assume that the Site Owner approves, sponsors, works in partnership or recommends a specific supplier.
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The Site Owner shall not be responsible for direct or indirect damages, including loss of profit, consequential damage or damage of any whatsoever nature resulting from the use of the information available on the Website.
In case of issues or difficulties in accessing a Web site though a link, users should contact directly the owner of the Web site.

Protection of brands

Brands and any other distinctive sign, displayed and used, are exclusively property of I.L.M.E. SpA. The use of brands and distinctive signs must be preventively authorised in writing by I.L.M.E. SpA.


The content of this Web site, including all information, data, notices, press releases, photos, videos, charts, drawings and in general all materials and services presented, is property of I.L.M.E. SpA and protected by copyright laws.
I.L.M.E. SpA authorises users to view, copy, download and print the documents available on the Web site for personal use only, but does not authorise their modification or distribution to third parties.
All contents are also protected by copyright laws. Therefore, the recording, storage, duplication, reproduction and amendment in whole or in part of the contents, in any form and with any means (electronic, mechanical, telematic, IT systems) must be preventively and specifically authorised in writing by the Site Owner. If the Site Owner grants a preventive written authorization, the user is obliged to quote the source in all copies or reproductions.
Information protected by copyright and brand protection laws and any other information protected by ownership laws, related to the documents of I.L.M.E. SPA presented on the Web site, cannot be removed.
This authorization does not apply to documents and/or materials owned by other content providers that may accessible through the links of the Web site.
The reproduction, copy or distribution for commercial purposes of the materials or design elements available on the Web site must be explicitly authorised in writing by I.L.M.E. SpA.

Use of software programs

The software programs available on the Web site have been developed in order to assist customers who use ILME products. Anyone using these software programs shall be directly responsible for the project on behalf of the customer or third parties, in accordance with current laws. ILME cannot therefore be regarded directly or indirectly responsible for the results obtained using these software programs.
ILME owns all the economic exploitation rights, including the right to reproduce or discontinue the supply of the software programs.
Users are not authorised to modify, translate, adapt, decompile, disassemble or use the software programs to create derivative works.

Links to third party websites

The website contains direct or indirect links (hyperlinks) to other websites, home pages or website pages. The respective operators or providers are solely liable for the content and information included in these pages. The existence of a hyperlink does not imply that their content is approved by ILME SpA, which, therefore, in no event can be held liable for any effects produced from this type of link.

Registration and personal data

This Privacy Policy describes website management methods by I.L.M.E. S.p.A. in relation to the processing of personal data of users who use and choose to register for the website and/or on-line services.
To use the website, and in particular, to access certain services such as the downloading of CAD file, data sheets and nomenclatures attributes, the user may have to provide his/her name. In this specific case, the User agrees to provide truthful and accurate information about their identity, their role, and the identity and activities of the company in which s/he works.
Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 on the “Protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data” provides that “everyone has the right to have his/her personal data protected (art. 1)”, providing that “personal data is processed respecting the rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of the data subject, with particular reference to privacy, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data (art. 2)”. ILME SpA, therefore, pledges that the personal data collected will be processed lawfully and fairly, in accordance with all legal obligations, with particular reference to the provisions of article 11 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03, also ensuring the full protection of the rights and privacy of the user. In compliance with article 13 and with specific reference to all personal information, classified as “personal data”, provided to ILME S.p.A. or that may be provided and acquired in the future, we inform you as follows:
User data is only processed to offer a range of services mainly aimed at providing corporate information, various information services (especially of a technical and commercial nature), value-added services, interactive services, and pre- and post-sales assistance. The data may also be processed for commercial, promotional or marketing purposes, for market research and statistical analysis. In particular, to ensure a more effective service level, personal data may be used for the dissemination of information about products, services, business activities and trade fairs, or for other business purposes, by sending newsletters to your e-mail address; therefore, registration also implies the user’s consent for these purposes, unless stated otherwise by the user by selecting the check-box on the page dedicated to data collection. Electronic instruments will be used for processing – and, in any case, so as to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data. Processing data involves operations such as recording, organisation, storage, elaboration, consultation, modification, selection, and any other operation or set of operations among those indicated in article 4, paragraph 1, letter a) of Legislative Decree 196/03.
The data collected may also be communicated and/or disclosed to ILME subsidiaries, affiliates and sales force. In addition to the data processor and controller indicated in point 6 below, the collected data may also be disclosed to those who have been formally assigned for this purpose by same.
This Privacy Policy is provided electronically, in accordance with Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 2003 (Data Protection Act), to I.L.M.E. S.p.A. portal and web service users, and is accessible via the homepage. This Privacy Policy is limited to navigation on the websites mentioned and has no value for websites external to, even when viewed from links on the website.




a) The personal information you provide will be processed in order for ILME SPA to provide the requested service.

b) Your data will also be used for the delivery of relevant information material regarding professional events organised by ILME SPA.


The aforementioned data will be processed lawfully and fairly, in compliance with the safety requirements provided for by the Data Protection Act. Data is processed, using manual, computer and electronic instruments, strictly for the purposes referred to above and, in any case, ensuring the security and confidentiality of all data.


For the purposes outlined in point a) above, the provision of data is required in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes. Consent is optional for the purposes outlined in point b); in this case, however, failure to provide data will result in ILME SPA not being able to email information on its professional events.


In accordance with in-force laws and regulations, data may be subject to disclosure if this is necessary for administrative purposes and for your own protection.
In addition, data may be communicated to entities authorised by laws and regulations to access such data.

DATA SUBJECT’S RIGHTS (ART. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03):

You can exercise your rights at any time, in particular with regard to:

1) obtaining confirmation as to whether or not data relating to you is being processed, and communication of same in an intelligible form;

2) obtaining indications on the source of personal data, on the processing purposes and methods, on the method applied in the event of processing data with the aid of electronic means, on the data controller and processors, and on the individuals or categories of individuals to whom personal data may be communicated;

3) updating, correcting or integrating data;

4) cancelling, making anonymous or blocking any data processed in violation of the law;

5) fully or partially opposing, for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data relating to you, even though relevant to the purposes for which it was collected.

Each user account must be used exclusively by the person who registered, with their name and email address. No one is allowed to use an account that is not his/her own. For your information, component manufacturers registered on the website only receive data about users who download the information included in their catalogues. Users hereby agree that all personal data concerning them, collected at the time of registration or at any another time, may be used by ILME SpA – and possibly by its partners – for the operation of services (e.g. creating yearly reports and sales promotions), in compliance with current laws.

Applicable law

The use of this Web site shall be exclusively regulated by Italian laws.