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Welcome to ILME

Welcome to ILME, the ideal partner for Industrial Connections for power supply of plug connected devices, connections for auxiliary circuits, and automation control.
70 years of research and development offer innovative technical solutions which guarantee safety, reliability and economy.
A high level of technical service to users is KEY to our industrial activity.



CKSH: the new age of wiring.

The CKSH insert combines compactness with all the advantages of the Ilme SQUICH® technology.

The “21.21” size insert with actuator button is available with 3 and 4 poles for 10A 400V, vertical and straight termination and dedicated coding pins.

It requires no tools and no special wire preparation performing an excellent fastening and great resistance to strong vibrations.



CQ 07: compact, powerful, flexible.

The new CQ 07 crimp connection insert is specifically developed for railways and robotics applications.

It combines a high electrical performance with a 400V rated voltage, a 6kV rated impulse withstand voltage with the advantages of a flexible application, as it can be used with different contact types (gold, silver and tin plated) and can be mounted in all the main enclosure series.
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MKAW V25 and MKAS V25 hoods

Our two new M25 entry hoods for 21×21 mm inserts are now available:

MKAW V25, which enriches our W-TYPE series designed for industrial applications with particularly aggressive external agents;

MKAS V25, part of the EMC enclosures series for electromagnetic compatibility.
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CX 6/12

The new CX 6/12 insert has been developed with a retainer device on crimp contacts.

This layout enables the wires to be connected to the socket and plug insert removable contacts by crimping them with a crimp tool and its locating turret.

The crimp connection is insured and is extremely resistant even to the most insidious strains, such as vibrations.
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CQ 4

The new CQ4 inserts ensure a 40A current in the same size of the standard 21.21 inserts (normally 10A/16A).

They can be used with crimp contacts with a conductor cross-section up to 10 mm2.

The new CQ4 series is completed by the new MKA enclosures with M25 thread size.

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